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Agility the best thing you can do with your dog!

Agility....have you heard? It's the newest craze in the dog world. There are many organizations offering agility trials now:
AKC: American Kennel Club
*ASCA: Australian Sheperd Club of America
UKC: United Kennel Club
*NADAC: North American Dog Agility Council &
*USDAA: United States Dog Agility Association
* All of these have junior handler programs for kids 8-18, most offer titles and awards.
Some of the equiptment needed is: Various jumps, tire jump, broad jump, single bar jump, spread bar jump, panel jump, A-frame, dog walk, hoop tunnel (UKC), see-saw, weave poles, water jump (UKC), sway bridge (UKC) and open and closed tunnels.
You should definetly sign up for an agility training class in your area and have a set of weave poles at home.
Beginner titles are:
AKC: Novice agility (NA)
ASCA: Novice agility (NA)
UKC: Agility-1 (U-Ag1)
USDAA: Agility Dog (AD)
USDAA Juniors: Beginner UJH-B
Agility titles my Dal has:
Molly B CGC, UJH-B.
Agility is so much fun, you create a great bond w/your dog.
**I don't have a scanner, but you can see a pic of my Dal and I at:**
Molly went back to agility on July 17!! She was at a fun match/ thing and did all the obstacles off leash! I am very proud of her!


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